Adult acne or acne tarda

Акне в зряла възраст или acne tarda

Acne in adulthood (adult acne) is divided into persistent acne (one that started during puberty and lasts in adulthood) or acne with a late onset that begins after the age of 25. Among the most frequently discussed causes of their occurrence are reported endocrine and metabolic disorders, diet (so-called Western diet) and genetic predisposition. It is more common in females.

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Molluscum conatgiosum

Заразни молуски

Infectious molluscs are caused by the poxvirus Molluscum contagiosum and occur in two age groups - children and adults. The reason for this is that the virus is spread by close contact with a carrier, which occurs during play in children or during sexual intercourse in adults. The virus has a benign course, cases of self-healing have been described, but there are currently many therapies that deal with the problem successfully.

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Acne from masks or maskne

Акнето от маска или „маскне“

Maskne is the acne of 2020. This year everything is different, including a change in our perception of the causes of acne. In essence, the maskne belongs to the so-called mechanical acne. How to avoid it or how to treat it, if it occurs, read in the following lines.

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Acne - pathogenetic mechanism. First article

Акне – механизми. Тема първа

I named this article this way because there is so much to write about acne that I thought about creating a separate section on the disease. First of all, I want to say that acne is not "dirty" skin. People with acne take a good care of their skin to avoid acne. Their daily struggle in front of the mirror is hard enough for the self-esteem and they do not need unwanted advice such as: "why don't you try these cosmetics". These are usually people with a huge arsenal of products on their nightstands. Almost everyone goes through some of the stages of acne during puberty. With this first article I will try to explain the mechanism by which this dermatosis affects the skin.

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Spots on the face a.k.a. melasma. Why women?

Петна по лицето a.k.a. мелазма. Защо жените?

Melasma is one of the most common skin problems and is characterized by the appearance of pigment spots on the face. It affects the most exposed areas of our skin in the sun, namely: forehead, nose, cheekbones, upper lip, chin. The ratio of affected women to men is 9: 1. It is still the subject of serious scientific debate which are the exact causes of these spots. One of them is is that melasma is inherited and that UV rays are the external factor provoking the formation of free radicals that increase melanogenesis (the formation of more pigment). If I need to specify into the analysis of why females are much more affected, I must note that half of the cases occur or worsen during pregnancy or taking birth control pills.

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Gluten - the demon of the 21st century

Глутен –  демонът на 21ви век

Gluten (from Latin gluten-glue) is a generalized name for a group of proteins in cereals that have the function of preserving the integrity and shape of food (such as glue). They are found in wheat, rye, barley, starch, spelled, einkorn and others. They are also found in products you don't expect, such as alcoholic beverages, soy sauce, ketchup, ice cream and more.

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Dermatitis in infants. When does it appear?

Дерматит при кърмачета. Кога и при кого се проявява?

I know it's scary when a strange rash appears on a baby's delicate skin. For 5 years I have been an aunt of a young lady and my sister's first speed dial number. Dermatitis (eczema) of the skin in infants can occur at different periods of growth and can be a manifestation of various diseases. The most common in this period are atopic, seborrheic and "diaper" dermatitis. What is each of them?

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Diet and skin aging - myth or truth?

Антиейдж диета – мит или истина?

Медицинските и технологичните постижения през последните десетилетия значително увеличиха продължителността на живот. Кожата като бариерен орган предпазва организма ни от външни въздействия, което обуславя нейното стареене като по-комплексен процес. Именно това обособява разделянето на хронологично стареене и фотостареене. Като единствен източник на енергия и нутриенти, храненето става все по-разпознаваемо като средство за поддържане на добро здраве за целия организъм и кожата в частност. А една от горещите теми напоследък е антиейдж диетата за превенция на кожното стареене.

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Hair loss - the real causes

Косопад – истинските причини

If you run your fingers through your hair, having a whole lock of hair in your hand, you are not alone. Most likely, what is happening to you is telogen effluvium (hair loss) and everyone has been through periods of severe hair loss. Many factors can trigger this condition.

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Serum? Moisturizer? What should I choose?

Серум? Хидратиращ крем? Каква козметика да избера?

Writing this article, I imagine the picture of a lady being confused in front of a abundancy of cosmetic products in the pharmacy store. Serum or moisturizer? In fact, the answer to this question is very simple and logical: both.

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