Molluscum conatgiosum

Заразни молуски

Infectious molluscs are caused by the poxvirus Molluscum contagiosum and occur in two age groups - children and adults. The reason for this is that the virus is spread by close contact with a carrier, which occurs during play in children or during sexual intercourse in adults. The virus has a benign course, cases of self-healing have been described, but there are currently many therapies that deal with the problem successfully.

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Dermatitis in infants. When does it appear?

Дерматит при кърмачета. Кога и при кого се проявява?

I know it's scary when a strange rash appears on a baby's delicate skin. For 5 years I have been an aunt of a young lady and my sister's first speed dial number. Dermatitis (eczema) of the skin in infants can occur at different periods of growth and can be a manifestation of various diseases. The most common in this period are atopic, seborrheic and "diaper" dermatitis. What is each of them?

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