Peeling - effective, painless and incorrectly underestimated

Пилинг – ефективен, безболезнен и неправилно подценяван

Generally speaking, chemical peeling (I will write about it in detail) is a procedure that aims to remove a layer of skin. According to the depth of penetration it is: superficial (penetrates only the epidermis), medium deep (reaches the upper layer of the dermis) and deep (affects the entire dermis). Other types of peels can be divided into mechanical (dermabrasion) and physical (ablative and non-ablative lasers). I do not claim that the classification is super accurate from a scientific point of view, but I think it brings clarity.

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Top 5 anti-aging ingredients for a wrinkle cream

Топ 5 антиейдж съставки в крем за бръчки

Whatever we call these cosmetics (anti-aging, I've even heard of antichronologists 🤔the truth is that we want to look healthier and better. That's why I put aside the high-sounding expressions and call this miraculous ointment simply anti-wrinkle cream.

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Serum? Moisturizer? What should I choose?

Серум? Хидратиращ крем? Каква козметика да избера?

Writing this article, I imagine the picture of a lady being confused in front of a abundancy of cosmetic products in the pharmacy store. Serum or moisturizer? In fact, the answer to this question is very simple and logical: both.

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Summer temperatures and urban pollution require special skin care

Летните температури и градското замърсяване изискват специални грижи за кожата

Living in a big city has its advantages, but it is also rich in challenges for our health. The main thing is related to dirty air, which in addition to respiratory and systemic problems, is also a factor in deteriorating the health and good status of the skin.

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