How to treat urticaria?

Как се лекува уртикария?

The approach to the treatment of chronic urticaria consists of two stages: the first aims to identify the underlying cause; the second aims to relieve symptoms. Before moving on to a detailed description of this therapeutic approach, I suggest you read the general topic of the disease here.

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Hand eczema

Екзема по ръцете

Eczema of the hands is a common chronic disease that significantly impairs the quality of life of patients. And because it is not life-threatening, its impact on the general and mental health of those affected is often underestimated. But because the hands are an important part of our daily lives and communication with people, eczema in this area can be a cause of many uncomfortable situations.

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Acne scars

Белези от акне

When the word acne is mentioned, most associative images undoubtedly appear in the minds of most people. One is in the active phase of the disease with comedones and other inflammatory lesions, and the other is that of the scars resulting from the disease. The reason for this is that a large proportion of improperly or late-treated acne results in terminal skin changes. There are various descriptions of acne in the literature.

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Peeling - effective, painless and incorrectly underestimated

Пилинг – ефективен, безболезнен и неправилно подценяван

Generally speaking, chemical peeling (I will write about it in detail) is a procedure that aims to remove a layer of skin. According to the depth of penetration it is: superficial (penetrates only the epidermis), medium deep (reaches the upper layer of the dermis) and deep (affects the entire dermis). Other types of peels can be divided into mechanical (dermabrasion) and physical (ablative and non-ablative lasers). I do not claim that the classification is super accurate from a scientific point of view, but I think it brings clarity.

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White skin spots (pityriasis versicolor)

Бели петна по кожата (разноцветен лишей)

I immediately start with the synonyms of this condition in order to clarify that in addition to various colors, there are also various phases and names for it for example tinea versicolor. In fact, most often in late summer appear white skin spots, who quickly direct the receiver to the dermatology practice. Read further for more information about the cause.

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Isotretinoin - myths and truths

Изотретиноин – митове и истини

For several weeks now I have been postponing writing on the topic of isotretinoin (in Bulgaria the drug is sold under the name roaccutane). The reason for my delay is that I myself have a conflicting opinion about treatment with it. Some of my patients have had their lives changed, for others it is just another disappointing medication, after which the acne recurs. Yes, fortunately, the second group is smaller. Very important to succeed is the right selection of patients suitable for this treatment.

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Nail fungal infection (onychomycosis)

Гъбички по ноктите (онихомикоза)

According to scientific statistics, the presence of nail fungus represent between 18-40% of all nail diseases. It is estimated that about 20% of the adult population is affected by this disease and in 99% of cases it is a dermatophyte infection. Read the following lines to find out more about this cause and its other guilty "teammates".

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Treatment of acne with antibiotics

Лечение на акне с антибиотик

I hasten to start the article having in mind that Acne vulgaris is not an infectious disease. However, the choice for antibiotics as treatment agents is among the leaders of many dermatologists in more severe forms of the disease. I have prescribed antibiotics to no more than five people and my experience is not entirely positive. Usually when the course is stopped, the acne recurs. The drugs used are from the group of tetracycline and macrolide antibiotics.

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